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aPriori Digital are proud to announce that Aperion Origins is now live on IOS and Android - so what are you waiting for?! It's free to play, you might as well have a go and see where you come on the global (cross platform) leader board. Visit the Aperion Origins page to see the leader board. It updates automatically so you can watch the top players battle it out.

We have lots of exciting new developments in the pipe-line so stay tuned for updates. Follow us through your favorite social media channel to stay posted on what we are doing. If you have any enquiries please visit the contact page.

Aperion Origins Out Now

Twin-stick space shooter out now for mobile on IOS and Android. Free to play with eight maps, four ships and loads of power-ups all to unlock, Aperion has hours of challenging gameplay waiting for you to master.

Scores are automatically posted to the online leader board which keeps track of global scores accross all devices, so you can see if you're beating your friends regardless of what platform you're on.

At any time if you want a larger selection of maps you can purchase two packs of eight from the in-app store. These are one time purchases which allow you to instantly play on any of the maps in the purchased pack.

If you're having fun but don't have the time to grind and get enough Gems to boost your power-ups you can purchase Gem bundles from the in-app store too!

Developed as a proof of concept project for Develop Conference 2014, Methuselah makes use of the Oculus Rift to add a level of immersion and to challenge the emotions a player feel through gameplay.

Methuselah will take you through a twisted challenge in which you must keep a cool head and be quick thinking to succeed.

Players should be wary of the water otherwise they might, very quickly, find that they are "out of their depth".