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Aperion Cyberstorm is coming to Wii U!

We are very proud to announce that aPriori Digital is now lisenced to develop for Nintendo's Wii U platform and that we are working on the next installment in the Aperion series. Taking the exciting fast paced action of Aperion Origins, which is available on iOS and Android, Aperion Cyberstorm will be an open-world, multiplayer, twin-stick shooter on the Wii U.

Aperion Cyberstorm on Wii U

Aperion Origins is still available on iOS and Android for free so why not download it now and get a feel for the game. With 8 maps, 11 enemies and a global online leader board there are plenty of features to keep your fingers twitching for hours.


See what else we have been working on

aPriori has been involved in a number of projects with a variety of clients and you can now see what else we specialise in on our portfolio page.

There are many ways in which we could help your business, whether by desiging and building bespoke mobile apps that work on multiple platforms, to large or small web based solutions, our skillset has got it covered!
Our team has experience in a host of different technologies and languages including

  • ASP .NET
  • PHP
  • HTML5 / CSS / Javascript
  • C# / C++
  • Visual Studio
  • UML
  • HLSL
  • Unity
  • Optimisation
  • VR
  • Adobe Suite
  • Blender / 3Ds Max
  • Maya / Mel Script